Scikiq Platform

Scikiq is a next-generation business data platform  that solves for data challenges such as ingestion, preparation, governance and transformation while delivering insights and analytics on self-serve basis.


TechnePlus is global channels partner for sales, consulting, implementation & support for Scikiq.


It is a Unified Full Service Business Data Platform  which abstracts all the data complexity from the business users via a No Code, Drag and Drop UI so that the business can focus on driving value from data, thereby enabling them to grow, make faster, smarter & confident decisions.

Helping businesses make faster and smarter decisions using data 

That  reduces data migration effort by more than 50%, saves  at least 30% effort by performing auto discovery on the migrated dataset,  performs Data Profiling, Data Quality & Data Governance so as to build auditable & traceable data stores in order to deliver insights via self serve, voice or Natural Language Interfaces.


Unlike, the Current Competition which provides either point solution or complex technology platforms where integration of those toolsets become Organisational nightmare; even simple migration activities require more than $1m of budget and 12-15 month of Implementation Cycle.

Challenges with Existing Operating Model

Fragmented Eco System

  • The Data Eco-System is fragmented and contained in silos.
  • A typical enterprise uses 6-8 tools to meet business data requirements .
  • Integration is challenging, No alignment amongst businesses functions

Legacy Systems

  • Many businesses still rely on old, proprietary data sourcing systems à Slow data preparation.
  • processing times takes days to months, delaying business decisions

Overwhelmed by data

  • Too many choices, too much data, too much variety
  • Organizations in Data limbo;
  • Indecision over selecting the best tool/product for specific use case

Why Scikiq ?

Open Source Platform
Uses Open Source Components and libraries for data capture, modelling, Visualization
Drag & Drop Insights
Generate Reports, Dashboard,
Insights, Data Models with Drag & Drop Component library
Flexible Systems Integration
Out-of-Box integration into your existing System landscape – Databases, File, Hadoop, REST
Scalable & Flexible Solution
Designed for companies of all types and sizes; Highly customizable solution

What are Scikiq’s Key Features:

  • Industry specific Best Practice Implementation
  • Metadata Management & Cataloging
  • Data Integrations, Profiling and EDA
  • Predictive Analytics & ML model build using Notebook
  • ETL and Scheduling
  • PDF, Images and Web URL Digitization
  • Semantic Modeling and Data Quality
  • Data Asset Management & Approval
  • Data Visualization and Data Story telling using NLP
  • Data Security and Privacy