TechnePlus can help you with the Web Analytics Service and Reporting Service and getting to know your customers better. Analytics and Reports help you to take strategic decisions for your business, other than that it can also help you to optimize your content, insights on targeted keywords and much more.Reporting helps enterprises by offering a critical decision support system with rich data visualization, which assists the executive management in data analysis and data mining. It runs against all enterprise resource planning data sources and data warehouses.

How can we help?

We help our clients with design & Implementation of analytical data-marts, Information architecture and security models thereby helping them to answer the following key questions:

  • “What Is Happening? Why?”
  • “What Can Happen? When?”
  • “What Should Happen? When? Where? How?”

We convert data into knowledge using our propriety 4C framework:

  • Capture (non-intrusive)
  • Compare (Captured vs. Expected)
  • Control (Process, Data, Interfaces, Exceptions Frameworks, Audit trails, Data Linage)
  • Communicate (Reports, Dashboards, KPI, SLAs)