Techneplus Team have strong experience in implementing DevOps in larger and complex environment. This coupled with our strong domain expertise across Investment Banking, Retail Banking, and Cards Businesses and strong functional knowledge across Finance, Risk and Treasury processes, makes us the logical choice to support you in your DevOps adoption.

We offer a new way of thinking and doing things to develop and maintain sustainable work practices. It is a cultural framework that enables people and teams to collaborate, share and practice their crafts in effective and lasting ways.

We have experienced resources who understand varied Application Architectures and in using/implementing tools such as GIT/Stash, BDD, JIRA, Specflow, NUnit/Microsoft Test Cases, Team City, Nexus Pro, Selenium and Gherkin.

Continuous Integration & Deployment

DevOps Services makes it possible  to merge your code changes into a central repository. This is followed by the execution of automated builds and test runs. Thus, Continuous Integration consists of both Automation and Cultural components with a focus on teaching developers to integrate frequently.

Continuous Deployment makes sure that your software is always release-ready. Any updated version of the application that is in the working state is automatically put into production. This also leads to Continuous Delivery.

Solutions And Services

  • Build Quality CI/CD Pipelines.
  • Deliver Real Time.
  • Automate Deployment.
  • Efficient, Real Time Monitoring, Logging and Alerts.
  • Build Resilient systems.
  • Leverage best in class tools and technology.
  • Experienced teams and trusted partners.

Process Flow