Ports and Terminals provide access to global goods bringing economic benefits to our communities. Detailed master planning is required to optimize logistics between docks, warehouses, storage, container handling, and terminal facilities. A port’s physical scale requires infrastructure engineering to ensure continuous operations. Techneplus provides the solutions to optimize port and terminal facility layout, improve design innovation and maximize facility performance across its life cycle.


Techneplus specialized in the development and support of software applications for ports and cargo terminals . Our Services are being used by various Port Authorities, Containers and General cargo terminal operators and gas exporting facilities around the world and help Ports & Terminal operators to maximize operating efficiency and increase their vessel throughout capacity.

Capabilities and Core Competencies

Providing proven solutions and services to ports and terminals, and the logistics sector to optimize customer service and make efficient use of resources to maximize revenue and profit.

  • Delivery, implementation, maintenance, and support of Terminal Operating Systems to efficiently and effectively manage terminal operations from order to invoice.
  • Port management and port community systems, including dangerous goods online management, EDI communication systems, Truck planning and appointment, Access control and management
  • Simulation and emulation tools to test, train and assess container terminal operations
  • Expert advice for ports and terminals, from feasibility, master planning to design, operations and optimization.
  • Certified and proven project management and integration for port and terminal solutions


Techneplus focuses exclusively on the maritime industry: ports and terminals. All staff has ample and proven experience delivering expert services and solutions to their customers. Each and every staff member gathered experience and expertise working on port and terminal projects in various locations around the globe.


  • We deliver turn-key solutions: expertise, systems, solutions, assuming full responsibility for projects, integrating partner solutions
  • Customer increase performance using Techneplus  solutions in terms of vessel turnaround time, loading and discharging rates, throughput and save on equipment running costs.

Software Solutions for Ports & Cargo Terminals

Electronic Single Window System
1. Exchange of information between various
systems using electronic messages
2. Generation of EDI messages
3. Fully web-based
Port Management System
1. Registration and follow up of vessel call
details, movements and port services
2. Berth scheduling
3. Fully web-based
Terminal Management System
1. Multi-commodity: containers, general
cargo, bulk, breakbulk, cars & ro-ro
2. Order management & operations follow-up
3. Yard planning
Invoicing System
1. Port & cargo terminal invoicing
2. Flexible rate definitions
3. Automated & manual invoicing
4. Interfaces to external finance &
accounting systems
Implementation & Support
1. Business analysis
2. Software customisations
3 . Installation, configuration & testing
4. Training
5. 24-hour support services
Application Features & Technology
1. Consistent designs & development
2 . Multi-lingual
3. Microsoft .NET based
4. MS/SQL or Oracle databases