The Oil and Gas (O&G) industry has gone thru drastic price plunge, which shook the market and its conventional business models. It is now recovering from weak prices, asset alignments, and productivity efficiencies.


The processes and systems involved in exploration, production, refining, and marketing in the Oil & Gas industry are highly complex, capital-intensive, and require state-of-the-art technology This urgently calls for a higher-than-ever degree of collaboration and data-driven decision-making to optimize costs and maximize organizational effectiveness and operational efficiency. The new market dynamics, characterized by prices that are still relatively low, and an increased preference for sustainable energy resources, has made it difficult for O&G companies to operate profitably across the industry value chain.


Techneplus helps companies improve operational efficiencies and steer ahead of competition by adopting emerging technologies to digitize their entire value chain spanning complex engineering in the upstream and customer responsive business solutions in the retail and marketing segments. Our domain-rich experience and capabilities in digital transformation, IoT, automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence help unlock value for organizations in their transformation journey.


We provide solutions across the Upstream value chain by combining IT, Engineering and Automation capabilities &  improving worker safety in harsh offshore platforms by using digital technologies to improve existing processes and enable remote monitoring.

Our Solutions

  • Asset Integrity Management service
  • Cloud Adoption in Upstream
  • Worker Safety Solution
  • IoT- led solutions


There are never ending challenges which Midstream companies encounter in terms of operational and Maintenance issues of assets like pipelines, transport vessels, gas plants and compression stations. The Transparency in data helps  organizations  to identify areas of opportunity, thus maximizing safety, environmental protection and profits. We provide solutions like Fleet Monitoring, Advanced Pipeline Leak Detection, Field Workforce Mobility, and ETRM (Energy Trading and Risk Management), which helps Midstream companies mitigate their business risks.

Our Solutions

  • Asset Integrity solution
  • Fleet & logistic Analytics
  • Image Analytics – Pipeline Management


The refineries goes thru multiple  diverse challenges  due to its complexity of expanse of operations , assets, integrity requirements and very thin operating margins  .The Downstream industry comprises Oil & Gas operations that take place after the production phase till the point of sale. This involves refining, processing, transportation and sale of petroleum products. Refineries need to ensure safe and reliable operations, while keeping the total cost of operations to a minimum.  Techneplus provides solutions across the Downstream value chain like Refinery Operations & Maintenance, Logistics and Retail/Marketing, to bring about a paradigm shift in business operations.

Our Solutions

  • Cyber-security Solutions
  • Repair, and maintenance Solution
  • IoT-led Management


The O&G industry has not been investing in digital journey because of a range of barriers, including complex business processes, lack of readiness, and end-to-end view of benefits realization. True digital innovation requires moving beyond isolated digital projects to reinventing the organization in its entirety. The critical tasks for the O&G sector today are understanding their point of departure and setting ambitious targets.

Techneplus’s Digital & Analytics services bring its entire gamut of expertise from consulting to implementation to ensure that digital journeys can enable an end-to-end IT transformation.

Our Solutions

  • Digital Consulting
  • Digital Applications Services
  • Digital IT Operations
  • Cognitive Automation Solutions
  • Digital Workplace
  • Business Analytics Services